First Day in India!

After traveling 30 hours we arrived in New Delhi early Friday morning. Our first day here we visited an orphanage that cares for 20 children. We brought the girls dresses from dress A Girl and the boys shorts and t-shirts. They were beautiful, and so sweet. They quoted verses for us and sang for us, and served us orange soda and cookies. They they gave me the most beautiful gift…a picture with all their handprints and their names with a note of thanks.

Tonight we head north where we’ll be staying for our two weeks. I’ll be updating our trip here and adding pictures. Thanks for all your prayers and support.



Fifty Shades of Frenzy

fifty-shades-of-greyThe book series, Fifty Shades of Grey, indeed become a global frenzy. Wikipedia claims it has topped the best seller list in the US and the UK, selling more than 40 million copies worldwide. So what is it all about, and why are mainly women flocking to read this erotic, pornographic book.

Fifty Shades of Grey is the story of an older man preying on the innocence and vulnerability of a younger woman, using her as his victim to fulfill his fantasy of sexual domination, abuse and perversion. It begins with him luring her with gifts to having her sign a contract giving him complete power to do his bidding with her in his red room of pain . Basically, it is pornography in written form, just as addicting as the visual form, designed to romanticize the sexual violence and victimization of women.
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10 Yr. Old Model’s Grown Up Look–cute or sexy?

PHOTO:?Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau appears with adult look in Parisian issue of Vogue.

Does she look 10 to you? I saw little girls like this in Cambodia. They would come all dressed up, with makeup and jewelry to the kid’s club. They were petite, innocent, yet looked older than their years. The parents were preparing to sell them for sex, and this was how they’d dress them up to entice men to want to buy them.
Child pornography has fueled the market for little girls to be dressed as sex objects–and the sexualization of our girls. Just look at the clothing line marketed to little girls today. With a 3 yr. old granddaughter, I’ve seen what’s out there, and its alarming. And yet, in the name of fashion and art, it all appears innocent and acceptable? Or not.

Is Casual Sex Worth it?

I write about sex. More specifically how causal sex is hurting our generation. How do I know? Because it hurt me. But even more, now that I speak and write and lead people through sexual healing, I’ve discovered that it hasn’t just hurt me…but all of us. I help people find healing from their past sexual wounds, whether from abuse, trauma or their own choices, as in casual sex.

I found the discussion in this CNN article, “Is Sex Worth It?” very interesting. And I’d love to hear what you think? Has casual sex hurt you? If you had casual sex, do you regret it? Was it worth it? What would you advise a young person now?

You can click on the link Is Casual Sex Worth It to read the article.

Cambodia 2011 — Here we go again…

For the third summer in a row, I’m heading to Cambodia to work with Agape International Mission,(AIM) a group that helps rescue, heal and restore girls sold into the Csex slave trade. Cambodia is a well known global hub for sex-trafficking. And Svay Pak, the community where Agape ministers, is well known as a place for pedophiles to come and have sex with very little girls. Although having sex with a child under the age of 16 is illegal in Cambodia, law enforcement and the government have closed their eyes to this evil. But God and AIM are changing that. AIM has exposed the evils of sex-trafficking of little boys and girls in Cambodia through their investigative work, as well as the success in being able to rescue so many girls out of harm’s way. At their restoration home in Phnom Penh they’ve brought love, joy, hope and healing to scores of young girls who otherwise would have no hope. As well, Svay Pak, once a place of oppression, evil, darkness and poverty, now has a beacon of light and hope in their community at Rahab’s House, a former brothel, turned community center, church, school, and medical center–all free services ministering to the entire community of Svay Pak.
This year I’m taking a team of 12 men and women from Bayside Church and we will spend two weeks working in Svay Pak at Rahab’s house, diving into all the outreach ministries AIM is involved in every day. We’ll be working with about 300 children from the community who are currently being sold for sex by their parents.
Please pray for us as we bring the love and hope of Jesus into this community and work alongside the Cambodian team of brothers and sisters who tirelessly serve God and this community every day. We ask you to pray for our safety, unity as a team, opportunities to share God’s love through action and word to all God brings our way, and the finances to support all the needs God brings to our attention. God has blessed our team financially because of many of your faithful gifts, and because of that, we’ll be able to pour much needed funds into the community as God leads. Some of the things we’ll be able to do is…buy rice and mosquito nets for local brick factory families, medicine for the clinic, and food and school supplies for the children who come to kid’s club.

I’ll be blogging at this site during my stay…we leave Thursday June 23rd. Look for my blogs starting June 25th once we arrive in country.
thankyou for your support and prayers,
Blessings, barb

Miracles happening in Cambodia

It’s day 5 here in Cambodia for our team, and the end of the third day working out at Svay Pak. But it seems as if we’ve been here so much longer. Our team is amazing, and working so well together. And God has been faithful to bless us and use us already in small and great ways.

As a bigger team, we’ve been able to split up our efforts and accomplish so much more. The previous post has details on the various tasks of our team. And as the leader, I have so much more responsibility and details to take care of, and that takes up a lot of my free time, which is why I haven’t blogged yet this time.

But the most amazing thing is seeing what God has been doing in just one year since I’ve been here. Rahab’s house in Svay Pak has not only grown,but moved. Just a few doors down from last year’s location, this new building is 5 stories high. It will house an apartment for the director’s on the top, school rooms, a large church, computer lab, and a large area for a medical clinic downstairs, which is also the Pastor’s family quarters.

Last year we had 50 kids coming to kid’s club, this year they’re getting 200-300 kids every day. In addition to kids club, they come for school, computer training, church and medicine. Rahab’s house is now the central hub of Svay Pak bringing Jesus, love, hope, joy and peace to a place that was once only full of evil, pain and violence.

There is still sex-trafficking, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, neglect and poverty…but Jesus is changing Svay Pak from the inside out, starting with the children, then the adults, and last but not least, the pimps.

Day Four at the United Nations–the Best Day There!

Thursday March 11th was my last day in New York at the United Nations. I really didn’t have any plans for today. My team had a meeting that morning along with other NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) to meet the United States Mission–the advisory board to the US Delegates. The Delegates are the ones who write the policy for our country, and other countries around the world in regards to women’s issues, like abortion, women’s rights, etc. Our team was only allowed to bring 15 women to the meeting and the names had to be submitted 24 hours in advance. I was not on that list.

The meeting was to be at 11:30am, and knowing I was excluded from the meeting, I headed on to the UN to go to a Delegates meeting in the conference room on violence against women. Here’s where some interesting events took place! I ran into the woman who heads up the NGO our team came with. Her name is Babette Francis, a wonderful woman from Australia. I mentioned to her that the rest of the team was in the special NGO meeting and she told me that she was in that meeting too, but in fact they had the time wrong. Instead of 11:30am, the meeting was at 1:30pm.

Babette told me that she wouldn’t be able to go to the meeting now as she was heading to the airport, and she gave me her spot in the meeting! So I headed up the street across from the UN to go to the meeting. When I arrived upstairs at security, my name wasn’t on the list. I shouldn’t have been allowed in. But when I explained that our team had gotten the time wrong, and now there was a spot open, she remembered Babette, and put my name down on the list.

So here I was, sitting in a meeting that I wasn’t supposed to be at. Isn’t God amazing!! I shouldn’t have been surprised, because He opened many doors this week that I wouldn’t have imagined. But this one was very impressive.

As several other women gathered, it was evident that our group outnumbered others by volume, and we were the only pro-life group present it appeared. Then in walked the Ambassador to the US Delegates, along with some of the Delegates. They opened the floor for NGO women to share the concerns on their hearts.

Two of our women shared important information on maternal mortality rates, and how it relates to legalized abortion. For interest, the highest rate of maternal mortality in the United States is homicide–women being killed because they refuse to get an abortion. Yet in countries where abortion is not legal, the maternal mortality rate is much lower. Even though I didn’t get a chance to speak, I had prepared a very bright green sheet with information on sexual bonding and the impact on relationships, women and marriage. I was able to hand this to the assistant to the Ambassador with the promise that it would get into the hands of the Delegates making the policy.

But then something amazing happened. I didn’t know it, but our team had arranged a private meeting with the Ambassador after the organized meeting. She had the fifteen of us put our chairs in a circle and go around and give our names, etc. This was the meeting God had me come to speak in. Again I handed her one of my green sheets, and speaking from the perspective of sexual health education, I discussed the need to inform our young women how sex bonds and attaches us in relationships, leading to destructive choices, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and multiple relationship failures, including divorce. And she listened!! It was so amazing…and so powerful.

I left there on a high, knowing that God had orchestrated this divine appointment for such a time as this, with someone who had influence, and who also seemed to care for women. I’m praying that my little green sheet will find its way to people who can make a difference for our youth, and for women in general.

And then I had to run to find a cab to get me back to the hotel to catch my shuttle to the airport…with such seconds to spare I made it.

It was an amazing week…I felt your prayers. Thank you so much!


Day Three At The United Nations

Today I met a woman, her name is Helene Oord at the coffee shop. When I asked her where she was from, she said The Kingdom of God. So we started talking. She was a little hard to understand but I found out that she worked for Trinity Broadcast Network, a national Christian broadcasting company. She was also involved in several groups around New York area, and was having dinner with the Governor of New York that evening. Then she invited me to a prayer meeting with UN staff members and Diplomats that they had every Wednesday at noon. After giving her my books and telling her what God has been doing, she wanted me to come and share with her prayer group.
Just before noon, I had two amazing experiences. First I talked with the Minister of Health from Zambia, a Christian woman. I shared with her my message and books, and she was so grateful. We exchanged business cards, and she asked if I would be willing to come to Zambia to speak to the people there.
Then, we had an invitation to meet with the Delegates from Iraq. They were two Christian men who spoke with us about the issue of abortion in Iraq. But it was amazing to hear them talk about God, and also how much they appreciate the American people for coming to rescue their country from the tyranny of the oppressive government. One of them was a translator for the American military and he shared how he wore the American uniform, and loved the American men and women soldiers. They allowed us to video tape some of our discussion, but when he talked about this, he asked that we turn off the videotape.
I left that meeting early to run over to the prayer meeting. I didn

Day One and Two at the United Nations

Our first day at the United Nations Status of Women Conference started very early. We arrived at the entrance to the United Nations just before the 8am opening. Once in line we began the registration process to receive picture passes to the building. The servers were down and so it was two hours later before we had the photo passes and were able to enter the conference hall where the delegates roamed.?My first day was a learning curve, watching, listening, and following the lead of my team members who have been here before. We talked to many women passing out flyers regarding our workshops on the impact of abortion on women, emotionally, and psychologically as well as the growing evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer.

I had the opportunity to meet a Member of Parliament for Namibia in South Africa. I was able to discuss my work with women and healing from their sexual past and give them my books. I also attended a meeting in the main conference room that has all the seats for the countries and the listening devices for translations.
One disappointment here is that the workshop Pam Stenzel and I were supposed to do was bumped by another group on our team and so we will not be speaking. But I am trusting that God has other reasons for me being here. A praise is that I have been given the opportunity to attend a studio taping of the Huckabee show with Sarah Palin hosting.

Day Two
Today was an amazing day of opportunities. I attended a workshop put on by a group from Nigeria on the violence against women there. Afterwards I talked with several women from different countries in Africa and they were devouring all my materials, books, CDs, and brochures. The women of Africa are particularly anxious to have resources to help their women and are very open to our message.
I also spoke in length to a woman who works with the Family Research Council, a pro-life, pro-family political lobby group in Washington. They have amazing influence on legislature in support of marriage, life and family. She was eager to take my books as well and spread the word through her contacts and blogs.
But the highlight of my day was being able to share some of my testimony today in one of our workshops. We had some people who were somewhat hostile to our message but when we started sharing our testimonies you could see a softening from them. I praise God for giving me the words to share.
In only two days God has given me many divine appointments and opportunities to share with others. One of the greatest blessings is my team members. I am here with doctors, lawyers, other speakers, leaders of international ministries, etc., and I can see God giving me contacts and open doors to spread His message of healing and truth.
Thank you so much for praying. Getting time to blog has been much harder than I imagined. We literally are gone from early morning until evening, and then meet as a team every evening from 9pm until 11 or midnight.
I will write again tomorrow and tell you all about the show! We are also meeting the delegates from Israel tomorrow, and we have appointments to meet with the delegates from the US on Thursday.
Blessings, Barb